On the Arbitration front…

The Phillies and their favorite pinch hitter, Greg Dobbs, have just avoided arbitration, as Dobbs signs a two-year, $2.5 Million dollar contract. Meanwhile, reliever Ryan Madson has at the same time just rejected a three-year, $12 Million dollar contract.

Congrats on getting Dobbs to sign on the dotted line, guys. One down, seven to go. As for Madson, I knew that he would be a bit harder to sign, as his agent is Scott Boras. Hey, Madson, think what is best for you and the team, and not what’s best for that jerk, Boras.


I think after this off-season there might be a number of players who will be rethinking their association with Scott Boras. (Hello Mr. Varitek!!)


Oh, I would not be surprised, especially if the economy stay crappy. With Madson, he has him convinced that he can be a closer. Uhm, Madson, you can’t handle the ninth inning, bro. As the Rock would say, “Know your role…” and yours is as the Bridge to Lidge. Accept the money, dude!!!

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