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Raul Ibanez has signed a three-year, $30 Million contract with Phillies.

Raul Ibanez, a left-handed free agent outfielder, has just signed a three-year, $30 Million contract with the Phillies, pending on him passing a physical. His signing, once he has passed the physical, will more than likely mean that the Phillies will no longer be persuing right-handed free agent outfielder Pat Burrell, while adding another potent left-handed bat to their lineup. Ibanez, who had spent the last five years playing for the Seattle Mariners of the American League, ended 2008 with a .293 Batting Average, 23 homers, 110 RBIs, a .358 On-Base Percentage and a .472 Slugging Percentage, would be replacing Pat Burrell’s 30 homers plus bat.

I will say this, I was not expecting Ruben Amaro Junior to actually pull off something like this, especially as he has been saying for the past month or so that pitching was the team’s number one priority, and that he works for a bunch of cheap skate owners. I don’t know, maybe the owners have decided to spend some money after all. If so, I hope this will turn out to be a good move for the team, although they should’ve gone after a rightie, to take some of the pressure off of their other lefties in the lineup, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. I’m going to give this signing the benefit of the doubt, for now. But, if it goes south in ’09, I’m going to be having a hard time not being a Phillies boo bird.

Oh, Ruben, by the way, about the pitching, are you still going after Jamie, or is Derek Lowe the one who is now in your sights? Or, is it both pitchers that you’re after now? Just checking, is all.

Rudy Seanez decides to become free agent.

Phillies’ Seanez becomes free agent

Club wants to keep veterans Moyer, Eyre in fold for 2009

Seanez appeared in 42 games for the Phillies in 2008, allowing 17 earned runs, 38 hits and 25 walks in 43 1/3 innings. He notched 30 strikeouts.

Seanez was left off the 25-man roster for all three rounds of the playoffs, but the 40-year-old intends to pitch in 2009.

Philadelphia had seven free agents. They have already announced they won’t exercise the 2009 options on outfielder So Taguchi and right-hander Tom Gordon, and Gordon filed on Saturday.

That leaves left fielder Pat Burrell, left-handers Jamie Moyer and Scott Eyre and infielder Tadahito Iguchi.

On his first day as general manager, Ruben Amaro Jr. said the team had spoken to the agents of Moyer and Eyre and would like to keep both players.  (H/T

As I’d said at the top, I was not expecting this situation, mostly because no one at any point during the season talking about Rudy possibly becoming a free agent after the regular season was over. With that said, although I hope the Phils can keep him in the fold. If they can’t, I wish Rudy luck if someone picks him up during the off-season. I also like the fact that Moyer and Eyre’s agents are being talked with. I hope the Phillies will soon be signing the two to new contracts. I also hope they’ll go after Tadahito Iguchi. Never can have too many good infielders.