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Phillies fall into second place as the offense goes puff, losing to the Mets, 3-1.

The Phillies lose another series to the Mets and in the process drop out of first place as its offense seem to have vanished into thin air as it waste a very good effort by starter Jamie Moyer. Moyer, who two hit the Mets, would give up only one run, a RBI single by David Wright in the third, scoring Jose Reyes, who has earlier walked and then stole second. The Phillies would then tie it in the seventh on a solo home run by Jayson Werth, his thirteenth home run of the year. The Phillies would threathen to take the lead in the top of the eighth, when, with one out, Eric Bruntlett would hit a deep fly ball to left field that would just miss going out of the park, instead ending up on second with a double. After Mets’ starter Oliver Perez strikes out Chase Utley for the second out of the inning, he would put Pat Burrell on first with an intentional walk. Ryan Howard is then hit by the pitch, loading the bases. Perez is then taken out of the game, replaced by Aaron Heilman. Heilmann would proceed to get Werth to end the inning by flying out. In the bottom of the eight, the Mets would regain the lead as, with two men on, and two outs, Carlos Delgado would hit a two-run double, scoring Robinson Cancel, who has gotten on base earlier with a pinch hit single, and Wright, who has just been intentionally walked. But Delgado would be thrown out trying to go to third base, Burrell to Bruntlett to Chris Coste to Pedro Feliz, to finally end the inning, but after the damage has already been done. Billy Wagner would then come in the ninth to record his twenty-sixth save of the year, as the offense goes down without a fight.

Jamie Moyer would pitch seven strong innings, keeping the Mets under control as he gives up only one earned run on two hits while striking out six, as he receives a no-decision. J.C. Romero is tagged with the lost, as he pitches an inning, giving up two earned runs on two hits. Oliver Perez would also get a no-decision as he pitches seven and two-thirds innings, giving up only an earned run on six hits while striking out twelve. Aaron Heilman will get the win, pitching just a third of an inning, getting out the only man that he would face. His record is now 1-2 with a ERA of 4.75. Billy Wagner will record his twenty-six save of the season, giving up only a hit.

The Phillies have now dropped into second place as the offense has allowed another great performance by Jamie Moyer to go down the tube because of their lousy performances at the plate. To say that at this moment the batters might as well just phone in their at bats is an understatement. This is just not acceptable. Where in the world has happen to the passion, the desire, the drive to want to win the Eastern Division for the second straight year, among the players, that they had around this same time last year? I mean, its looking more and more like these guys should be getting ready to join the federal witness protection program so that they can escape the wrath of the angry mob of Phillies fans who are soon going to be booing their sorry ***** out of Citizens Bank Park if they continue with this lackluster playing, instead of being the team that is suppose to be the run producing nightmare of starters for other major league teams. This is just pathetic, just dreadfully pathetic!!! It is especially pathetic with the way that the batters seems to be making even the worst pitcher look like he’s the second coming of Cy Young as he pitched against them. Hitting season? I’m beginning to wonder if Charlie Manuel was speaking a bit too soon when he made that comment back in May. To quote the old professor, Casey Stengel, “Can’t anybody out there play this game?” AAGGGGRRRHHHHH. Will some one please pass me the Alka Seltzer?

The now second place Phillies (54-48) will come home for a three games series with the Braves (48-53). The first game will be played tomorrow night at Citizens Bank Park and will start at 7:05 pm Eastern. Kyle Kendrick (8-4, 4.87) will get the start, coming off of an awful performance against the Marlins on July 19, where he would only last four and one-third innings, giving up seven earned runs on ten hits, in the Phillies’ 9-5 lost. He will be facing the Braves for the third time this year, with a 2-0 record plus a no-decision, which the Phillies also won, as he would pitch a combined total of seventeen and one-third innings, giving up only eight earned runs on seventeen hits. Lifetime against the Braves, he is 3-0 with a 4.13 ERA in five starts. He will be trying to record his ninth win, while trying to get the Phils back on track. The Braves’ starter will be Jair Jurrjens (9-5, 3.22), who is coming off a lost against the Nationals on July 19, where he would pitch six and a third inning, giving up five earned runs on eight hits, in the Braves’ 8-2 lost. He has already pitched a game against the Phillies so far this year, losing to them on July 3, as he pitched seven innings, giving up four earned runs on eight hits. He will be trying for his tenth win of the season while seeing if he has better luck this time against the Phillies’ batters.

The Phillies now trail the first place Mets by a game. They are presently a half-game ahead of the Marlins, who are getting ready to play the Cubs later today. The Braves trails the Phillies by five and a half games, as they have the day off today, before coming into Philly for a three games weekend series. The Phillies will be trying to regroup this weekend, trying to prove that they are indeed a second half team, although their first two series of the second half would seem to say otherwise.

Charlie Manuel is not a happy camper. What, it took you this long to notice, Charles?

Manuel seethes after Phils’ loss to Marlins

But Charlie Manuel is frustrated with his team’s offense, and he let it be known after the Phillies wasted a golden effort from ace Cole Hamels in losing, 3-2, in 11 innings to the Florida Marlins yesterday.

“We get pitching like that, we’ve got to win,” an exasperated Manuel said after Hamels allowed just four hits, two of which were home runs, over eight innings.

Sitting behind a desk in the visiting manager’s office at Dolphin Stadium, Manuel flicked a few jabs at his team’s offense, then delivered a haymaker.

“Our situational hitting is absolutely terrible,” he said. “Absolutely off the chart, really.”

A double absolute. That’s how bad these last two days in Florida were. The Phils went 3 for 13 with runners in scoring position and stranded nine in Saturday’s 9-5 loss. Yesterday, they went 1 for 6 with runners in scoring position and left 10 on base.

“It’s going to be hard for us to win” if situational hitting does not improve, Manuel said. “[On Saturday], we hit all those balls down to third base in one inning – absolutely bad hitting. I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings, but if I do, if I’m talking about you, that’s good. I mean to be talking about you.

“We hit enough. We talk enough [about situational hitting]. We’ve got to get it done. A lot of it is me. It’s up to me to make us try to get it done.

“Accountability is fine, but if you don’t execute, something’s wrong.”

The Phillies are widely hailed as an excellent offensive team; they entered yesterday’s game ranked second in the National League with 490 runs. The Phils have scored 20 runs in a game twice, most recently on June 13 at St. Louis. In the 30 games since then, however, they have scored four or fewer runs 20 times and two or fewer 11 times. They are 12-18 in those 30 games, but have managed to hang on to a share of first place.

“I hear everybody [praise] our lineup, but evidently they don’t really evaluate our lineup right,” he said. “It’s not like I’m throwing anybody under the bus, because I’m not. It’s about our team. I’m included in that.”

In one breath, Manuel said the team had several elite hitters. In another, he indicated that those hitters were underachieving. He also made a point to say that this year’s lineup is different than last year’s.

Last season, the Phillies had Aaron Rowand, who hit .309 with 27 homers and 89 RBIs. He has ostensibly been replaced by Jayson Werth (.268, 12 homers, 36 RBIs) and Geoff Jenkins (.238, 8 homers, 26 RBIs).

Shortstop Jimmy Rollins, who has struggled to match last year’s MVP season, was unfazed by Manuel’s criticism.

“He’s pretty much right, but we’ll get out of it,” Rollins said. “We don’t get concerned until late. Coaches do that now. We go play.” (H/T

What, Charlie is sick of how his offense is playing? Hey, Charlie, join the club, I’m just surprise it took you this long to explode. Ah for the days of Larry Bowa and his rants. Okay, Charles, now that you’d pinpointed the problem, what are you going to do about it? I’m waiting…..

Still hosting the Cards, trying to end a slide.

The Phillies (48-43) continue their three games series with the Cardinals (51-40, 2nd National League Central), with a night game at Citizens Bank Park. The game will begin at 7:05 pm Eastern. The Phillies’ starter will by rookie J.A. Happ (0-0, 3.86), who is coming off a recent no-decision against the Mets on July 4, where he would pitch four and two-thirds innings, giving up only two earned runs on three hits, in the Phillies’ 3-2 victory. He will be trying for his first major league victory while seeing if he will be able to pitch good enough to stay in the majors. The Cardinals will counter with their rookie Mark Mulder (0-0, 13.50), who is making his first start of the year, after spending some time in the bullpen. In his last appearace in the bullpen, on July 2 against the Mets, he would only go a third of an inning, giving up two earned runs on two hits. He will be seeing if he can do well as a starter, while trying to keep the Phillies’ bats quiet.

Speaking of the Phillies’ offense, someone among the players needs to lit into the rest of the team to get them out of their present funk. The offense has been acting like a sleepwalker for almost a whole month, and quite frankly, it needs to stop, and the only way it is going to stop is for one of the players to start acting like a team leader and get on the collective tails of the other batters. If this will ruffle some feathers, tough. This team is suppose to be better than this, and if they are waiting for someone to get a big hit, then they have been waiting too long. Someone needs to take command and tell the rest of them to get off their collective ***** and prove to themselves and everyone else in the league that they are the fourth best team in the National League and are a potent runs producer, instead of appearing to be a weak team that is playing a lot higher than they should be. Otherwise, they might as well start looking forward to another year of not being in the playoffs and a lot of really ticked off Phillies’ fans.

The Phillies lead is presently a game over the Marlins as they have just defeated the Padres. They are a game and a half ahead of the Mets as they prepare to greet the Giants. They lead the Braves by five games, as they plan to play the Dodgers later tonight. The Phillies hope to get the offense restared while trying to stave off both the Marlins and the Mets, two teams who they have allowed back into the pennant race because of their inconsistant play.

Phillies lose their fourth straight game as the offense vanishes, losing to the Cardinals, 2-0.

Cole Hamels pitches a very good game as he only gives up three hits in seven innings of work. Unfortunately, two of those hits would be solo home runs. And even worst, the Phillies’ offense disappeared completely, as they got only six hits, as they lose their fourth straight game, falling to the Cardinals, 2-0. The game would be a pitchers’ duel between Hamels and Cardinals’ starter, Joel Pineiro, as the Phillies would squander a chance to take the lead in the second, while Hamels would keep the redbirds off-balanced. That is until the fifth, when Hamels gives up a solo home run to Rick Ankiel, his nineteenth home run of the year, giving the Cardinals a 1-0 lead. One inning later, with two men out, he would give up another solo home run, this one to Ryan Ludwick, his eighteenth home run of the year, to make it 2-0 Cardinals. That would be it, as the Phillies would be unable to mount much of an offense, as the batters would blow a rally in the seventh. Ryan Franklin would pitch the ninth, recording his twelfth save of the year.

Cole Hamels would take the lost, in spite of pitching seven innings of three hit ball as he gives up two earned runs. Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge would both pitch a scoreless inning, giving up a hit each. Joel Pineiro would pitch six and one thirds innings of shut out ball, giving up only five hits. Ron Villone would pitch two-thirds innings of scoreless, hitless pitching. Kyle McClellan would pitch a hitless, scoreless inning. Ryan Franklin would pitch a scoreless night as he gives up only one hit while recording his twelfth save of the year.

Once again, the offense vanishes after showing a sign of life the previous day. This is getting to be a real annoyance. The Phillies are suppose to be one of the best runs producing teams in baseball, but I sometimes wonder if its really is, considering how much they seem to prefer letting their big men do all of their scoring and not even show a willingness to do some small ball. What is it with this team and creating runs when the big men can’t seem to get going? Are they afraid of looking like an ordinary team? If they are, then shame on them. They need to get off their individual high horses and start playing some small ball, and in that way put some pressure on the defense. Otherwise, start saying hello to the Nationals if they keep playing like this.

The Phillies (48-43) continue their three games series with the Cardinals (51-40, 2nd National League Central), with a night game at Citizens Bank Park. The game will start at 7:05 pm Eastern. The Phillies’ starter will by rookie J.A. Happ (0-0, 3.86), who is coming off a no-decision against the Mets on July 4, where he pitched four and two-thirds innings, giving up two earned runs on three hits, in the Phillies’ 3-2 victory. He will be trying for his first major league victory while seeing if he will be able to pitch good enough to stay in the majors. The Cardinals will counter with rookie Mark Mulder (0-0, 13.50), who is making his first start of the year, after spending time in the bullpen. His last appearace, on July 2 against the Mets, he would only go a third of an inning, giving up two earned runs on two hits. He will be seeing if he can do well as a starter, while trying to keep the Phillies’ bats quiet.

The lost leave the Phillies with a one game lead over the Marlins, who are presently losing to the Padres. Their lead over the Mets is now at a game and a half as the Mets crushed the Giants. The Phillies lead the Braves by five and a half games, as they are presently involved in a scoreless game with the Dodgers. The Phillies will once again try to find out where their defense have disappeared to so that they can get back to winning and leading their division.

Edit: The Phils lead is still at a game and a half as the Marlins are defeated by the Padres. The defeat now placed the Marlins in a tied for second with the Mets. Wheee I say in sarcastically. Come on offense, wake up, blast it!!!!

The Phils go to Arlington, Texas to meet the Rangers, hoping to finally end their batting woes.

The Phillies (43-37) continue their nine games, three cities, road trip, with a weekend interleague play series against the Texas Rangers (40-40, 3rd American League West) in Arlington, Texas. The first game of the series will be played at Rangers Park in Arlington, and will begin at 8:05 pm Eastern (7:05 pm Central). The Phillies’ starter for tonight’s game will be Brett Myers (3-9, 5.51), who has just come off a lost against the Angels on June 21, where he would pitch six innings, giving up four earned on six hits, in the Phillies’ 6-2 lost. Myers has, along with several bad starts, been hurt mainly by the long balls this year, of which he has so far given up twenty-three. He has lost three of his last four starts, while the fourth one was also lost by the Phillies, in which he has been tagged for eight four-baggers in the last three. If he is going to win another game, he is going to have to not just throw more non-fastballs, he’ll need to stop throwing pitches into the opposing batters’ hit zone to avoid giving up any more gopher balls. He will be trying to get his fourth win of the year, while hoping that it won’t end up being another fiasco. The Rangers will oppose him with Kason Gabbard (2-3, 4.96), who is coming off a win against the Nationals on June 21, where he would pitch five and a third innings, giving up three earned runs on six hits, in the Rangers’ 13-3 rout. He will be trying to even his record as he face the Phillies for the first time in his career.

The Phillies’ offense, which has now lost five straight series will now be facing an American League team that can not be considered an elite ball club. The players should thus take this opportunity to try and be more patient at the plate, while staying aggressive on the base paths once they get on, to help shake things up. The players need to stop being a ballclub that’ll swing at anything that is thrown at them, as well as stop swinging at the first balls that are thrown at them during their individual at bats (That especially means you, Jimmy.). And they’ll need to be especially patient when they have men in scoring position. It would help the club if they can get up to batter’s box with a runner on either second or third and not end up either popping up or striking out. They’d been doing too much of that lately, and quite frankly, it needs to stop before it can get any worst. They should thanks their lucky stars that the rest of the division is at the moment playing just as lousy as they are, but they will need to get their present problems sorted out before they begin their three games series in Atlanta next Tuesday, as I am sure that the Braves will be wanting to get even with the Phils for that earlier sweep at their home ball park.

Speaking of the National League East, the Phillies presently have a two games lead over the Marlins, who will be facing the Diamondbacks for a three games set in Miami. The Mets trail them by three and a half games, as they take the subway for a four games series with the Yankees, including a day/night doubleheader today that will be played at both stadiums, the first of which has the Mets trailing the Bronx Bombers. The Braves trail the Phillies by four games, as they go to Toronto, Canada, to start a three games series with the Blue Jays. The Phillies hope that they can put some distance between themselves and the rest of the East before they once again play against fellow National League teams.

Edit: The Mets are now trailing the Phillies by three games as they defeat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium for the first half of a double header.

The Phillies continue with their visit north of the Bay.

The Phillies (42-36) continue their three games interleague series with the Oakland Athletics (42-34, 2nd American League West) with a night game at McAfee Coliseum. The game will start at 10:05 pm Eastern (7:05 pm Pacific). The Phillies’ starter will be Kyle Kendrick (6-3, 5.06), who is coming off a bad start against the BoSox on June 18, where he would only go three innings, giving up six earned runs on six hits, in the Phillies’ 7-4 lost. He will be trying to get back to his winning ways while trying to pitch the Phils into a win. His opponent will be Greg Smith (4-5, 3.51), who is coming off of a no-decision against the Diamondbacks on June 19, where he would pitch five innings, giving up an earned run on three hits, in the A’s 2-1 defeat. He will be looking to improve his record while trying to see if he can continue the Phils’ present offensive woes.

Speaking of the offense, it is sucking on all four cylinders, and they are presently wasting a bunch of generally good performances by their starters. As mentioned the other day, the batters have really got to start acting more patiently while in the batter box, as well as acting  a bit smarter. They really need to stop with the first ball swinging, swinging at pitches way out of the strike zone and swinging at stuff in the dirt. As long as they keep doing the above, they are going to make good pitchers look better and make very bad pitchers look like they’re Cy Young Award candidates. If nothing esle, they need to start thinking when they are starting rallies.

While they continue their series in Oakland, the Marlins will be playing their second game with the Tampa Bay Rays in Miami, the Mets will be finishing up their series at Shea against the Marniers and the Braves will be finishing their home stand with the Brewers. The Phillies will be trying to once again increase their lead in the National League East, not expecting their opponents to once again all lose on the same night.

The offense is still sluggish as the Phillies have now lost six in a row.

The Phillies wasted a good effort by Jamie Moyer as the offense once again let the team down as they lost their sixth straight game. For the first six innings of the game, Moyer and A’s starter Joe Blanton would be involved in a pitchers’ duel, with Moyer only giving up one hit during that time, a lead-off single in the first inning to Kurt Suzuki, who would later by wiped out in a 3-6-3 double play by Ryan Sweeney, and striking out nine A’s, striking out the side twice, while Blanton would give up only two hits, one of which was Pat Burrell’s nineteenth home run of the year, a solo shot in the fourth inning, which gave the Phillies a 1-0 lead. Things would change in the seventh when the Phillies would get their first two men on base, Burrell via a walk and Jayson Werth via a single. But, things would then go flat as Geoff Jenkins would fly out to left, swinging on the first pitch, for the first out of the inning. Pedro Feliz would then single to right, but the third base coach, not taking a chance on getting Burrell thrown out at the plate, holds him up at third base to load the bases. This move would soon come back to haunt the Phillies as Carlos Ruiz, with a 2-1 count, would hit into a twin killing, third to first, with the third baseman touching third base first before throwing to first. The Phillies being unable to capitalize in their half of the inning would turn out to be a momentum changer, as, with Moyer still pitching, Sweeney would start off the A’s half of the seventh with a single. One out later, Bobby Crosby would get a pop single, on a ball that was misplayed by Shane Victorino and would drop in front of him, moving Sweeney to second. After Charlie Manuel decides to leave Moyer in the game, despite the fact that Chad Durbin was ready to go, Moyer would give up a three-run home run to Emil Brown, his sixth home run of the year, scoring both Sweeney and Crosby, and giving the A’s the lead, 3-1. After getting the second out and then giving up a ground rule double, which might have ended up being worst if it has not bounced into the stands, to Carlos Gonzalez, Manuel would come out and finally replace an out of gas Moyer with Durbin, who would then strike out Donnie Murphy to end the inning. In the eighth, the Phils would come back to cut the lead to 3-2, as, with Victorino on second, after getting on base with a single and then stealing second, he would score on a RBI single by Ryan Howard. Although Howard would later get to second base on a pass ball charged to Suzuki, Burrell would leave him there as he strikes out. The A’s would then deliver the coup de grace in the bottom of the inning, as with two out, J.C. Romero would walk Sweeney and then give up a two-run home run to Jack Cust, Cust’s twelfth home run of the year, to make it 5-2 A’s. That would be it as Huston Street would come in to pitch a 1-2-3 ninth to record his fourteenth save of the year.

Jamie Moyer would take the lost, although pitching a very good game until the disasterous seventh. He would go six and two-thirds inning, giving up only three runs on five hits, while striking out nine A’s. His record is now 7-5 with a 4.09 ERA. Chad Durbin would pitch a third of an inning in relief, striking out the only man he would face. J.C. Romero would pitch two-thirds of an innings, giving up two earned runs on only one hit, while walking one and striking out one. Ryan Madson would go a third of an inning, striking out the only A that he would face. Joe Blanton would get the win, as he pitches seven innings, giving up only one earned run on four hits. His record is now 4-10 with an ERA of 4.58. Alan Embree would pitch an inning, giving up one earned run on two hits. Huston Street would pitch a 1-2-3 ninth as he get his fourteenth save of the season.

It is now official, the offense presently stinks, and even they are starting to realize it, as they would acknowledge in an article posted on about the game. Even the manager seems to be noticing that the guys are right now doing everything wrong at the plate, and those things includes, “…guys not hitting, swinging bad, swinging at balls in the dirt, chasing balls over their heads, it looks like they’ve never seen a baseball….” and those things are going to keep hurting this team until the batters finally get it into their thick skulls that they should be trying to meet the ball, and not trying to hit home runs everytime they get up to the plate, with the situations that occurred in the first and seventh innings being perfect examples of what is presently wrong with this team. Especially the seventh, when Jenkins, who should have been up there trying to move the runners over into scoring position, which might have required him taking a pitch or two until he saw something which he was sure he could hit towards the right side of the infield and get Burrell and Werth over to third and second, instead swings at the first pitch and flies out, moving no one. This would come back to hurt the Phils, as I am sure that Feliz’s single would’ve scored both Burrell and Werth from second and third, and would instead load the bases, as the Phils’ third base coach refuses to send Burrell home, afraid that he might have been cut down at home by a throw from Sweeney. Me, I’d made the attempt. Why? To shake things up a bit. There’s a difference between being aggressive and being passive. Stopping Burrell at third was being passive, and is part of the reason that the Phils are mired in their present slide. If the third base coach had been aggressive, it would have taken a real good throw to home to get Burrell thrown out. Sure, Burrell isn’t as fast as Jimmy Rollins or Shane Victorino, his running towards home would’ve still forced Sweeney to have to throw an almost perfect strike to get him out at home, and who know what would’ve happened if the throw was anything but a perfect strike. But, since he didn’t send Burrell home, it’s all a very moot point. Hopefully, the players’ own realization that they are stinking up the place might just get them to do something to reverse it before the situation can get any worst.

The series between the Phillies (42-36) and the Athletics (42-34, 2nd American League West) continues with a night game at McAfee Coliseum. The game will start at 10:05 pm Eastern (7:05 pm Pacific). The Phillies will send up Kyle Kendrick (6-3, 5.06) to see if he can stop their slide before it can get any worst. He is coming off an awful start against the BoSox on June 18, where he would only pitch three innings, as he gave up six earned runs on six hits, in the Phils’ 7-4 lost. He will be trying to return to his winning ways, while, as mentioned earlier, trying to put a stop to the Phils’ swoon. The A’s will counter with Greg Smith (4-5, 3.51), who is coming off a no-decision against the Diamondbacks on June 19, where he would only go five innings, giving up an earned run on three hits, in the A’s 2-1 lost. He will be trying to improve his record, while at the same time seeing if he can adds to the Phillies’ present offensive woes.

The Phillies are still leading by one, four and four and a half games over the Marlins, Mets and Braves respectively, as all three teams lost their games while the Phils were unable to take advantage of it. The Phillies will be trying to end their present slump, which is a team effort, and stop wasting some good efforts that they have recently been getting from their starters.

Mets’ Manager gets pink slip in hotel room in Anaheim over night.

I was surprised to learn that the Mets’ have finally fired Willie Randolph, their manager, via the Phillies Nation blog. While I’ll be the first to admit that I did see this happening at some point this season, as the Mets have been playing really subpar baseball so far this year after all of the fuss made over them during the post season and spring training, and when players play very badly, the one who gets the pink slip is the manager not the players who are stinking up the joint (isn’t that right, Mr. Torre?), but never in a million years would I have expected someone to be given the pink slip in such a lousy manner. I’m not going to make a post about the Randolph firing when a blogger who is a Mets’ fan can say it so much better than I can. So, take it away Mr. Cerrone:

Opinion: I Feel Dirty

By Matthew Cerrone

As a Mets fan, I’m embarrassed this morning, and I feel a little dirty.

I understand why Willie Randolph was fired.  In fact, due to the time I spend talking to people connected to the team, I am probably aware of why he was fired better than most people. 

The problem is that, like in so many cases during this team’s history, the story today will not be about replacing Randolph with Jerry Manuel and moving forward, it will be about the way this situation was handled – and rightfully so.

On one hand, most things end badly – otherwise they wouldn’t end, especially in baseball. 

I have already been sent e-mail from Yankee fans mocking the Mets, which is pretty funny coming from a team that ran Joe Torre and his four rings out of town, and is notorious for the Billy Martin Merry-go-Round.

Nevertheless, the Mets took so long to make this decision that it made them look foolish, classless and disorganized.

For instance, I’m convinced information was intentionally leaked to the media in an effort to force Omar Minaya‘s hand, which is quite disingenuous, because I still believe Minaya would have preferred to keep Randolph – all while having to spin the media night after night.  There are reporters I have talked who all feel the exact same way.

What’s worse, from what I can gather, several people in the clubhouse, from players to trainers to security guards, all knew Randolph would eventually be fired on this road trip.

Lastly, yesterday, a person I know, who talks with the team’s front office on a regular basis, asked me when I feel Randolph would be fired.  I was under the impression that Randolph would be fired on the off day between Los Angeles and Colorado later this week – win or lose.  However, the way the question was asked, I could sense it was going to occur a lot sooner than that.

In other words, this was not a secret. 

And so, the team’s ownership should stepped up and fired Randolph last week, when it is was obvious they had already reached a decision.

Instead, they dismissed their manager at midnight in a hotel room, after he had just won four of his last six games.

That said, I do not feel bad for Randolph.  He will live to fight another day, he’ll get another job in an industry based on a kid’s game, and he’ll earn close to $3.5 million doing so, which is a lot better than you and I will ever be treated.

I know this is all part of the deal, in business, but especially in baseball.  But, like I said, it just makes me feel a little dirty and a bit embarrassed knowing that so many people knew of this in advance, and that it occurred in the middle of the night, making it all stink of an extra level of smarminess.

I’m not totally sure why I feel this way, but I do.

I’m probably just being emotional. (H/T

I couldn’t have put it better myself, Mr. Cerrone. Okay, to me this shows me that Mets’ Managment has no class, and following the antics of our own team’s mystery owners I know lack of class when I see it. But, really this takes the cake, people. I think it would’ve been better if they had fired Willie Randolph, pitching coach Rick Peterson and first-base coach Tom Nieto on the off day between the two series of their present road trip. I mean, good god, man, when did the Mets turn into the 1970s/1980s Yankees? Willie, I sincerely wish you and your fellow pink slippers the best of luck finding new employment, I really do. Jerry Manuel, I wish you luck trying to run the zoo. Mets’ Management, I hope this comes back and bite you all in the backside. I really do you morons.

Oh, has some more information on the firing, so, anyone who want to read them, I’d added a link to Mr. Cerrone’s blog.

Update: Oh this just gets better and better. He wasn’t given a pink slip in his hotel room. He was told he was fired by email????

Shame on the Mets for their cowardly firing of coach Willie Randolph. Yes, the Mets are underachieving and yes, someone needs to be held accountable, but to fire Randolph in an email quietly at 3:00 AM? It is a cowardly move and speaks volumes about what a disorganized mess the Mets are. (H/T A Citizen’s Blog)

Oh, beautiful. This wasn’t even a face to face firing. This was via the nets. Real class guys!!!

Two disconnections between Utley and Gordon in the 10th leads to an extra-inning lost.

The Phillies lose to the Cardinals in ten innings, as Chase Utley and Tom Gordon were twice unable to connect on throws from the second baseman to the pitcher covering first to lose the ballgame, 7-6. The Phillies would score first in the top of the first as Ryan Howard would hit a RBI double, knocking in Jimmy Rollins, who has earlier singled, to take a 1-0 lead. Brett Myesr would quickly give it back in the bottom of the first, as he would give up a RBI double to Ryan Ludwick, scoring Skip Schumaker, who has earlier doubled, to tie the game at one apiece. Rick Ankiel would then follow him with a RBI double, scoring Schumaker, to make it 2-1 Cardinals. The Cardinals would then increase their lead in the third when Schumaker would hit a solo home run off of Myers, his fourth home run of the year, to make it 3-1 Cardinals. Four batters later, Troy Glaus would hit a two-run home run, his ninth home run of the season, scoring Aaron Miles, who has earlier singled, to make it 5-1 Cardinals. The two home runs would be the nineteenth and twientieth home run of the year that Myers has given up so far this year, leading the league in that category. More on that later. The Phillies would then strike back in the fifth, as, with the bases loaded, and one out, Howard would hit a two- run single, scoring Rollins, who has reached base earlier on a force out, and Jayson Werth, who has walked, to cut the Redbirds’ lead to 5-3. Tony LaRussa would then take out Cardinals’ starter Mitchell Boggs and replace him with reliever Kyle McClellan. Pat Burrell would greet McClellan with a RBI single, scoring Utley, who has earlier been hit by the pitch, making it 5-4 Cardinals. The Redbirds would get a run back in the sixth, when Howard committed a fielding error on a Chris Duncan ground ball, which would score Ankiel, who has earlier tripled, which made it 6-4 Cardinals. The Phils would tie it up in the eighth inning, when with two outs, Rollins would start things off by getting a triple. Werth and Utley would then walk to load the bases. Howard would then follow them with a walk, scoring Rollins, making it 6-5 Cardinals. Burrell would then follow him with another walk, scoring Werth, and tying the score at six all. In the ninth, the Phillies would get a chance to break the tie, when, with Eric Bruntlett, who was pinch running for Greg Dobbs, who has singled, on third and Shane Victorino on first, Rollins would hit a ground ball to first baseman Duncan. With Bruntlett moving on contact, Duncan would throw home, and catcher Yadier Molina, after catching the ball, would turn around and tag out Bruntlett for the second out, as he found some way to hold onto the baseball as he gets nailed hard around the shoulders by Bruntlett. Molina would then spend the next several minutes lying on the ground, with a dead man’s grip on the ball, before he is finally taken out of the game and then taken to the hospital to be checked on for any possible shoulder and neck injuries. The Phils would then load the bases, but would fail to get a clutch hit with the bases loaded for the fourth time today, as Utley flies out. In the tenth, Tom Gordon, pitching in relief of Chad Durbin, would get the first two Cardinals out. Ankiel would then hit a grounder to Utley for what should’ve been the third out of the inning. Instead, Utley would commit a throwing error as he did not lead Gordon to first base with the throw. Gordon then gives up a single to Glaus, moving Ankiel to second. Gordon would then get Duncan to hit a grounder to Utley, for what should’ve been the third out. But, uncannily, with Utley this time actually leading Gordon to first, it would be Gordon who would commit the error by not catching the thrown ball, thus allowing Ankiel to score the winning run and giving the Cardinals a 7-6 win in extra-innings. Gordon, showing his disgust at himself for the error, would slam his glove onto the ground, before picking it up and then heading towards the visitors’ dugout.

Brett Myers, inspite of pitching a bad game, would get a no-decision as he pitches six innings, giving up six earned runs on eight hits. Ryan Madson would pitch an inning, giving up no runs on no hits, as he struck out the side. J.C. Romero would also pitch a scoreless and hitless inning. Chad Durbin would pitch an inning, giving up no runs on one hit. Tom Gordon would take the tough lost, going two-thirds of an inning, giving up one unearned run on one hits, as two errors were committed behind him. His record is now 5-4 with an ERA of 5.06. Mitchell Boggs would go only four and one third innings, giving up four earned runs on six hits. Kyle McClellan would go one and two-thirds innings, giving up no runs on two hits. Chris Perez would pitch one and two-thirds innings, giving up two earned runs on one hit. Randy Flores would face only two batters, walking both. Russ Springer would pitch a third of an inning, getting a blown save, giving up no runs on no hits. Ryan Franklin would go one innings, giving up no runs on two hits. Anthony Reyes would get the win, going an inning, giving up no runs on no hits. His record is now 2-1 with an ERA of 4.91.

Okay, what is up with Brett Myers? He has given up twenty home runs up to this point in the season, and most of them has been on balls which, for lack of a better word, has been wrapped up neatly on a silver platter to the batters to be hit out of the park. Even worst, he can’t seem to get out of the first inning without giving up a run. Myers needs to get whatever mental problems he presently has out of his blasted mind and do it before his next start if he doesn’t want to find his *** getting removed from the starting rotation. If it means that he has to finally listen to the pitching coach, then he better do so!!!! He’s a grown up and a professional ball player. He therefore needs to act like one!!!! (Yes, I’m poed with Myers’ pitching. How can you tell?) 

In spite of losing this afternoon’s game, the Phillies (41-30) will come home with a winning (5-4) road trip despite of losing their last two series. They will be coming back home to start a three games series with the World Champions Red Sox (44-26, 1st American League East). The game will be played at Citizens Bank Park tomorrow night at 7:05 pm Eastern. The Phillies’ starter will be Cole Hamels (6-4, 3.27), who is coming off a no-decision against the Marlins on June 11, where he would pitch eight innings, giving up only two earned runs on three hits while striking out thirteen, in the Phils’ 6-2 lost. This will be his first start against the BoSox, as he plans to start off the home stand with a win for the Phillies. His opponent for the Red Sox will be Bartolo Colon (4-1, 3.41), who is coming off a win against the Baltimore Orioles on June 11, where he would pitch five innings, giving up only one earned run on five hits, in the Red Sox’s 6-3 win. Lifetime against the Phillies, he is 1-1 with a 4.00 ERA in four starts. This will be his first start at Citizens Bank Park. He will be trying to defeat the Phils to help the Red Sox increase their lead in the American League East

The first place Phillies are now leading the Marlins by three games as they were able to defeat the Rays. The Phillies are leading the Braves by six games as they prepare to play the Angels tonight. The Mets are now six and a half games behind the Phils as they won the second half of a double header with the Rangers which they split. As the Phillies prepare for their home series with the Red Sox, the Marlins will face the Seattle Mariners in Seattle and the Mets will face the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in Anaheim. The Phillies will try to win the series against the World Champs.