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Brett Myers pitches a strong seven and two-thirds innings as the offense finally scores some runs as the Phillies defeat the Pirates, 4-2.

Brett Myers pitches his third straight strong start as the Phillies’ offense finally end its scoring drought as the Phils defeated the Pirates, 4-2. The Phillies would end their inability to score runs in the bottom of the first as Shane Victorino hits a RBI double off of Pirates’ starter Ian Snell, scoring Jimmy Rollins, who has earlier tripled, to give the Phils a quick 1-0 lead. After Chase Utley strikes out for the first out of the inning, Ryan Howard would give the Phils a 2-0 lead as he hits a RBI single, scoring Victorino. After Pat Burrell strikes out for the second out, Jayson Werth and Greg Dobbs would both walk, loading the bases. After getting the count to 3-1, Chris Coste would hit a deep fly ball to left that would die and be caught by the left fielder near the fence for the third out of the inning, leaving the score 2-0 Phils. Brett Myers would keep the Pirates off-balanced for most of the game, throwing a large number of first strike pitches, while staying out of any major trouble until the fourth inning when, with one out, and a runner on first, he would give up a RBI double to Nate McLouth, scoring Doug Mientkiewicz, who has earlier singled, to make it 2-1 Phillies. Myers would then get out of the inning by getting Ryan Doumit to ground out, and then striking out Brandon Moss, one of six Pirates he would strike out in the game. The Phillies would try to increase their lead in their half of the inning when they loaded up the bases again, with two men outs, when Snell would get Utley to strike out again, to end the threat. The Phillies would finally get another run off of Snell in the seventh when Rollins would lead off the inning by hitting his second triple, his fourth hit of the ballgame. Victorino would then follow with a RBI single, punching it through the drawn in Pirates’ infield, to give the Phils a 3-1 lead. The Phillies would add one more run in the eighth as Dobbs would hit a RBI single, also doing it against a drawn in infield, scoring Werth, who has earlier tripled, to make it a 4-1 Phillies’ lead. In the ninth, the Pirates would score their second run, as Moss would hit a RBI single off of Chad Durbin, as Brad Lidge was given the night off by Charlie Manuel, scoring McLouth, who has earlier singled, moved to second on defensive indifference and went to third on a wild pitch. But that would be it, as Durbin would get a fly out and then a pop out to finally end the game.

Brett Myers would get the win, as he pitches seven and two-thirds innings of strong ball, giving up only one earned run on five hits and striking out six. His record is now 5-9 with a 5.09 ERA. J.C. Romero would pitch a third of an inning, getting out the only man he would face. Chad Durbin would get his first save of the year, as he pitches an inning, giving up an earned run on two hits. Ian Snell would get the lost, as he pitches six innings plus two batters, giving up three earned runs on eight hits, while striking out five. His record is now 4-9 with a 6.06 ERA. Sean Burnett would pitch two-thirds of an inning, giving up no runs on no hits. Romulo Sanchez would pitch one and a third innings, giving up an earned run on two hits. 

The Phillies’ offense would finally score some runs tonight, as Jimmy Rollins would get on base four times with two singles and two triples. Hopefully this outburst by JayRoll will mean the beginning of a long hitting streak by him, since he needs to get on base to help get this team moving.

The Phillies (63-53) will conclude their three games weekend series with the Pirates (53-63) tomorrow afternoon at Citizens Bank Park. The game will start at 1:35 pm Eastern. The Phillies’ starter will be Jamie Moyer (10-7, 3.78), who is coming off his first career lost to the Marlins on  August 5, where he went five innings, giving up two earned runs on six hits, in the Phillies’ 8-2 lost. He will be trying once again to get his eleventh win of the season, while trying to pitch another quailty start for the Phils and hoping that the bats are indeed back. The Pirates will send to the mound Jason Davis (1-1, 2.57), who is coming off a lost in relief against the Diamondbacks on August 4, when he pitched three and two-thirds innings, giving up two earned runs on four hits. He will try to give the Pirates the series win while hoping that the Phillies’ bats will go back to sleep.

The Phillies are still leading the Mets by a game and the Marlins now by two and a half games as the Mets defeated the Marlins once again tonight. Their lead over the Braves is presently at eight and a half games as the Braves defeated the Diamondbacks. The Phillies will be trying to win the series and split the home stand, while hoping that the Marlins will defeat the Mets so that they can put some distance between them and their nearest opponents in the East as they prepare for a trip to California for seven games with the Dodgers (their first series against them) and the Padres.

23 innings without scoring at least one run? What in the world is wrong with this team????

The Phillies waste a seven innings, one hit effort by Joe Blanton, a good effort by most of their bullpen, only to finally lose to the Pirates 2-0 in twelve innings because the offense would not be able to score a run in the last twenty-three innings. Phillies’ starter Blanton and Pirates’ starter Paul Maholm would both pitch seven innings of scoreless ball, with Blanton only giving up one hit while striking out seven Pirates and Maholm giving up five while striking out ten Phillie’ batters. Both teams’ bullpens would then take over, keeping both teams’ offenses from scoring any runs until the top of the twelfth. With Les Walrond still on the mound for his second inning of work, with a man on third, and with one out, he would give up a RBI double to Steve Pearce, scoring Ryan Doumit, who has earlier doubled and reached third on a ground out, to give the Pirates a 1-0 lead. The Pirates would increase their lead to 2-0, when, with the bases loaded and two outs, Freddy Sanchez would hit an infield single, knocking in Pearce. In the bottom half of the ninth, the Phillies would threathen with runners on first and second and one out. But the threat would end when Chase Utley hit a fly ball to left field that would be caught by a sliding Brandon Moss who would then get up and throw to first to double up Shane Victorino, as the Phils would fail to score for the twenty-third straight inning.

Joe Blanton would get a no-decision as he pitches seven scoreless innings, giving up only one hit, while striking out seven Bucos. Chad Durbin, J.C. Romero and Brad Lidge would combine to pitch three shut out innings, giving up only one hit, although Lidge would walk two batters to go along with the hit to load the bases, but he would get out of the inning with a foul pop out. Les Walrond would get the lost, as he goes one and a third innings, giving up two earned runs on three hits and a walk. His record is now 0-1 with a 16.20 ERA. (All together now: WTH????) Clay Condrey would go two-thirds of an inning, giving up no runs on two hits. Paul Maholm would also get a no-decision as he also pitch seven scoreless innings while giving up five hits while striking out ten Phillies. Sean Burnett, Denny Bautista and John Grabow would together pitch two scoreless innings, giving up no hits. T.J. Beam would get the win as he pitches two scoreless innings, giving up no hits while walking three. His record is now 1-1 with a ERA of 4.40. Craig Hansen would get the save, his third of the season and his first as a Pirate, as he goes an inning, giving up no runs on no hits while walking two.

Okay, it’s time to face the facts. This team seriously stinks!!!!! I mean, it’s one thing to lose to a team like the Marlins, the Mets, or the Cardinals, but it is another thing to lose to the likes of the Pirates, who are going nowhere fast. I mean, twenty-three innings since scoring a run? Are you f—king kidding me? What in the bleep is wrong with this team? What are they waiting for, an engraved invitation to score runs??? Fellows, I have news for you: the invite isn’t coming. You need to go out there and start playing this game for real. We all know you can score runs. You just need to actually do it. I don’t know, maybe you idiots need to stop pressing. Take a collective deep breath, and stop trying to force yourselves into scoring runs and just try to get it done. Or maybe this team just need to have its collective backsides kicked in real good. I don’t know about the rest of the fanbase but I am getting real sick and tired of constantly watching and hearing this team screw up, while hearing the broadcast team being able to figure out what they are doing wrong, Charlie Manuel wondering what its going to take to stop it, while the players themselves keep acting as if they are clueless and constantly saying, stay calm people, we’ll break out. Fellows its August, get it through your thick skulls, as long as you keep up with the Alfred E. Nueman bit, it isn’t going to occur. Get me???? Make things happen!!! Is it really that hard to do? I hope not. Oh, one last thing: STOP MAKING PITCHERS LOOK LIKE THEY’RE CY YOUNG!!!!!

The Phillies (62-53) will continue their three games weekend series with the Pirates (53-62, 5th National League Central) on Saturday night. The game will be played at Citizens Bank Park and will start at 7:05 pm. The Phillies’ starter will be Brett Myers (4-9, 5.34), who is coming off a no-decision against the Cardinals on August 3, where he pitched six strong innings, giving up only two earned runs on four hits, in the Phillies’ 5-4 win. Lifetime against the Pirates, Myers is 2-4 with a 2.92 ERA. He will be trying for his three straight quality start since coming back from the minors, and his second straight win, while hoping that the Phillies’ offense will finally wake up. The Pirates will counter with Ian Snell (4-8, 6.14), who is coming off a bad start against the Cubs on August 3, where he got a no-decision as he would pitch only four innings, giving up four earned runs on seven hits, in the Pirates’ 8-5 lost. Lifetime against the Phillies he is 3-2 with a 4.50 ERA. He will be trying to improve his record while trying to see if he can keep the Phillies off of the scoreboard.

The Phillies are now leading the Mets by a game, and the Marlins by one and a half games as the two teams switched places in the division after the Mets defeated the Marlins. The Braves now trail the Phillies by eight and a half games as they once again defeat the Diamondbacks. The Phillies will be trying to bounce back after this hard lost while trying to find some way to score runs.

Could someone please tell me when Adam Eaton…

is going to pitch himself into a victory?

After jumping to a 2-0 lead, the Phils offense would double it to 4-0 in the third inning with a home run by Jayson Werth, his 5th of the season, and Chris Coste’s third RBI of the game with a single knocking in Pat Burrell who had earlier double. Two more runs would be added in the fourth with a double by Brad Harmon knocking in Eric Bruntlett and later scoring on a single by Werth for his second RBI of the night.

But then, in the bottom of the fourth inning, Eaton loses it. After one out, he gives up a home run to Jason Bay, his fifth of the year, shortly followed by back to back doubles to Ryan Doumit and Xavier Nady, which cut the lead to 6-2. Later, with two outs, Doug Mientkiewicz doubles in Nady, cutting the lead further to 6-3. After a passed ball got Mientkiewicz to third, that was it for Eaton as Charlie Manuel gave him the hook, replacing him with Chad Durbin who finally ended the inning. Durbin would then have problems of his own in the 5th as he gives up a two run single to Nady, which cut the lead even further to 6-5. But, he would then keep things quiet in the 6th. He would then be followed by Tom Gordon and J.C. Romero, who would each pitch a scoreless inning. Brad Lidge would then come in the ninth and record his sixth save as the game ends up as a 6-5 Phillies victory. The game winner would be Gordon, improving his record to 2-2 while Zach Duke, the Pirates’ starter, would end up the loser, dropping his record to 0-2.

Shakes head. Man, what is it with Eaton? The offensive finally gives him a big lead and boom, he gives half of it back. Come on man, get it together. You want to contribute to the Phils season, right? Well, get you head on straight and stop giving up runs at the wrong time.

Anyway, the Phils are now 13-11, with a two game winning streak and having a 4-1 record during the present road trip. Also, they’d moved up to second place in the National League East, 1.5 games behind the Marlins. Hopefully the fish are hearing the ominous footsteps behind them.