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Live Journal: Things are really getting interesting…

Originally posted June 12, 2007:

as the Phils have just swept the 2005 World Champions, the Chicago White Sox. Let’s see, they’d swept the Braves, they’d swept the Mets, now they’d swept a former world champs and last year’s American League Champions, the Detriot Tigers, come in this weekend. The Phils are really starting to heat things up in the NL East, being presently half-a-game behind the second place Atlanta Braves and two and a half games behind the first place Mets. Of course, that could change tonight as the Mets are presently playing the Dodgers in Los Angeles. And since the Braves have already lost tonight, the Phils will technically be tied for second with the Braves, although behind them by percentage points, trailing the Mets at either 2 games if the Mets lose or 3 games if they win.

Hee hee, I am feeling happy right now.

Live Journal: Well, the first Phillies Spring Training game is over…

Originally posted March 1, 2007:

and they lost to the American League champions Detroit Tigers, 9-7. From the boxscore, it looks like the players are hitting the ball, but they need to do something about the glove work. Three errors? Either someone’s glove is leaking, or its one of those who won’t be around when the team heads for Philly later this month. Also seems the pitching needs some work. But, it is only the first game.


Live Journal: Spring Training starts in earnest today….

Originally posted February 28, 2007:

Well, I’d just discovered that Spring Training games started today. For the Phils, their first game is tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 pm and will be against the Detroit Tigers. Now we’re going to see if the team will do better this year. After all, if they’re going to be the league best, they’re going to have to get out of the gate, running. Hopefully, they’ll actually do it this year. Fingers very cross.